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Our Goal: Helping Local Businesses Solve Problems, Reach Goals, Learn, & Grow

Meet the Langlers Crew

C. Daniel Bond / Founder of Langlers WebWorks, CAPTAIN, AND HEAD ENGINEER

C. Daniel Bond, Owner of Langers WebWorks.With over 15 years experience as a web developer, designer, and small business owner, I’ve worked on projects for dozens of small businesses, big brands like Kraft, and I’ve worked with agencies like Eqal in Los Angeles, Beyond Pix, Bars+Tone, and DDW in San Francisco.

In addition to website design and development, I also have an extensive background in education and training. I hold a master’s degree in language pedagogy and leverage my years of teaching experience to provide small business clients an opportunity to learn new skills, stay informed, and keep ahead of their competition.

I’m also a fluent speaker of German (nach einem zehnjährigen Aufenthalt in der wunderschönen ostdeutschen Stadt Jena) and an avid sailor. I’m the proud owner of a Rawson 30 sloop, Stormy Dawn, that is currently located in San Carlos, Mexico, after a very exciting and life-changing sail down the west coast and sabbatical in the Sea of Cortez.

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Heather L. Johnson / Video Marketing Strategist and Executive Producer

Heather L. Johnson / Video Marketing Strategist and Executive ProducerI build connections between brand strategy and storytelling.

I provide clients with senior-level expertise in video marketing strategy and production, as well as manage the creative and production teams through all deliverables.

With over 20 years of both agency and brand experience, my focus lies in creating visual communications strategies and tools that are smart, clear, and impactful.

I specialize in the production of customer engagement, product information, internal communication, and employee training videos. My years of experience on the client side of things at Gap gives me unique insight into the specific needs of navigating complex internal teams, timelines, and budgets.

I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of really talented folks at companies both big and small including: Mission Family Services San Francisco, Clif Bar, Sprint, GAP, Banana Republic, SCREENS of Northern California, Easter Seals, AKQA, Laird & Partners, PG&E, and Sephora.


I have spent the better part of the last 18 years shooting commercial photography and videography for a variety of clients in the tourism and outdoor lifestyle industries. I am equally at home shooting a five-star resort in a famous destination or a quaint bed and breakfast in a small town far off the beaten path. I enjoy highlighting the intriguing details that make a destination unique and exciting, and I consider it a great honor that my photos and videos have played a small part in people’s travel planning.

Over the course of my photo/video career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with many talented creatives from a variety of advertising agencies and companies including Hilton, Cholula Hot Sauce, Catalina Island Company, Capital Records and many more.

Langlers WebWorks

Langlers WebWorks Core Values

  • Be Open-Minded, Creative, and Adventurous
  • Pursue Growth and Never Stop Learning
  • Embrace Change and New Technologies
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships
  • Be Generous and Help People
  • Most Importantly, Be Yourself and Enjoy What You Do

Everything happens online. There’s a service for invoicing your customers, for processing an order, a service for scheduling a meeting, and a service for carrying out that meeting remotely.

Furthermore, new services and technologies spring up every day. Not only are standards constantly changing, but your customers’ habits and expectations are changing just as quickly.

Keeping up with that pace of change is no easy task. This is why so many small businesses have outdated websites, no clear content marketing strategy, no SEO, no social media, and no digital marketing strategy. They’re missing out on new technologies and services that could help them attract and engage customers.

At Langlers WebWorks, it’s our goal to help you overcome these challenges. We provide you with the products and services you need to grow your business, and we offer the advice and training you need to achieve success.

“Every time I built a website for a client, I noticed so many ways they could improve efficiency, cut costs, and boost sales. Showing a client how to optimize their business with these new tools and services was so fulfilling that I decided to make that the primary focus of my business. Helping your business grow and succeed is so much more important than just building a website!” – Daniel Bond, Founder of Langlers WebWorks

Our Mission Statement

I started Langlers because I understand that many small businesses simply don’t have the resources to keep a team of web, email, and social media specialists around. As a web developer, over the years I have watched many companies throw a small fortune at building a website, only to completely ignore it after it went live. It’s truly a sad thing to watch!

Your business is online. Embrace it. Own it. Langlers is here to help you do it right. First, we work with you to identify your goals and choose the right technologies for your needs and budget. We will not just build your website and say goodbye. Then we develop a long-term strategy for maintaining your online presence, creating new content, attracting new leads, and analyzing all the data so that you can measure your success.

About Langlers WebWorks: Our Code of Ethics

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